We specialise in the network systems which make the information management and processing easier. We also implement the data exchange modules between the existing systems. Whenever you need to connect a number of the legacy and the new IT systems, our experience will be useful.

Let us be honest: the IT tools create the circulation in your company. You don't need clots nor insufficent veins. That's why we make a lot of effort to create the tools that are productive, effective and reliable. We adapt to your needs especially when you need a tailor-made solution.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin

  • We have created the Intranet based on Redmine  for about 500 users. It has been used in the Leroy Merlin's headquaters and by the service providers.
  • We have created the Integrator which is a middleware between the internal systems and the e-commerce of Leroy Merlin.
  • We have created

  • We have created a system that enables both individual users and companies to publish tasks in different categories. The system supports the advanced search and geolocalisation.
  • There are over 300.000 registered users and hundreds of gigabytes of photos.


  • We have created and implemented the Cafeteria System to manage all the benefits in the company. Being implemented in the institutions with outstanding standards in safety, the system has undergone a number of audits that have proved the highest data safety standard.
  • We have maintained and developed  the system since 2010.

  • We have created the tax treatment portal from scratch. The scope of the project included analysis, design, tests and implementation.
  • We have integrated the system with the internal and external system.
  • The project was implemented under the programme 8.1.
  • We have supported it and maintained by now.