Vertical system integration

Do you tackle the task of exchanging data between the systems? Or maybe you have to exchange data with the tools that are not fully interoperable? We would like to offer you the system integration service. We know full well how awkward the methods of moving data between incompatible systems can be. That is why we give you the integration which provides simplification, acceleration and automatic execution and verification. The service plays out whenever the data exchange between different IT elements of your organisation is needed.

Realisations which we are proud of

Leroy Merlin

  • We have created the Intranet based on Redmine  for about 500 users. It has been used in the Leroy Merlin's headquaters and by the service providers.
  • We have created the Integrator which is a middleware between the internal systems and the e-commerce of Leroy Merlin.
  • We have created

  • We have created a system that enables both individual users and companies to publish tasks in different categories. The system supports the advanced search and geolocalisation.
  • There are over 300.000 registered users and hundreds of gigabytes of photos.


  • We have created and implemented the Cafeteria System to manage all the benefits in the company. Being implemented in the institutions with outstanding standards in safety, the system has undergone a number of audits that have proved the highest data safety standard.
  • We have maintained and developed  the system since 2010.  

  • We have created the tax treatment portal from scratch. The scope of the project included analysis, design, tests and implementation.
  • We have integrated the system with the internal and external system.
  • The project was implemented under the programme 8.1.
  • We have supported it and maintained by now.