Leroy Merlin

Advanced integration

of internal systems and e-commerce

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Business Analysis

Frontend Development

Backend Development

Systems Maintenance

Development, implementation and maintenance of an integration mechanism based on the ESB service bus.

Automatic update of information in all other internal systems of the Client (such as: e-commerce, cash register systems, WMS, loyalty systems, etc.)

The scope of work
  • Developing middleware solutions between Leroy Merlin’s internal systems and e-commerce
  • Automating the information flow processes between Leroy Merlin’s internal systems, e-commerce system and systems of external service providers, ensuring automatic update of: product information, customer opinions, order status, promotions and special offers
  •  Ensuring communication between LM systems and Master Data Management systems


  • An automated system which allows you to manage the operation of online stores in real time


For 7 years of cooperation in both the development and maintenance of various applications, we have never been disappointed with Avra’s services. We could always count on support and commitment in difficult moments and with very dynamic changes in the project, which translated into timely implementation and most importantly — maintaining the highest quality.


  1. Leroy Merlin
  • Arkadiusz Jesionek, Technology Manager