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Leroy Merlin is a chain of DIY stores with 70 facilities in Poland and over 450 worldwide. Since 2009, we have been the company’s technological partner: we help in the design, creation, development, and maintenance of technology solutions that support the chain’s business development. One of such projects was integrating the client’s systems to facilitate and accelerate the exchange of information between them.


More efficient e-commerce

The most crucial goal of Leroy Merlin in this project was to accelerate and automate the work of internal systems and eliminate human error from them. The chain had a huge product base, and the information exchange between stores was semi-automatic. Every day, employees manually run scripts that prepare data for import to the website database. To reduce human participation in this process, we started with single, semi-automatic integrations. Ultimately, however, together with the client, we decided to fully connect and automate the client’s systems using the ESB rail. The introduced algorithm updates the prices and availability of products based on actual data from individual stores. It also speeds up ordering: it automates exchanging information between the online store and other Leroy Merlin systems.


What has the rail changed?

The integration of Leroy Merlin systems with ESB rail has automated the work of e-commerce. Moreover, it saved the company’s time and money wasted on the manual exchange of information between old and new systems. Thanks to the implemented ESB solution, any existing or newly introduced IT system can be easily integrated with other systems, including the chain’s online store. It also allows you to keep a small number of systems in the company and keep order in the connections between them. The rail is the single source of truth that holds together all the tools used by Leroy Merlin. Newly implemented systems don’t have to adapt to the way the already existing internal systems operate. The company can freely choose technology to suit business needs without any restrictions.


Scope of work

  • Business analysis
  • Middleware development
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Systems architecture
  • Systems maintenance

Client opinion

“Throughout the cooperation, both in developing and maintaining various applications, we have never been disappointed in Avra’s services. We could always count on support and commitment in difficult moments, which translated into implementation on time and, most importantly, the expected quality.”

Arkadiusz Jesionek
Manager for Internet Technologies, Leroy Merlin


The collaboration, which started with one project in 2009, continues to this day. We still maintain and develop the rail and implement the ideas with which the client comes to us. And we’re still ready for more!

12 years

of cooperation

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