IT service and maintenance

A reliable system is crucial for business continuity and a good image of the company. Therefore, we provide hosting and full infrastructure service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

You can count on us

When the website serves thousands of users a day and operates on confidential data, one mistake can cost the company a loss of its good image. But rest assured: we not only create but also maintain the system’s longevity, making sure it runs smoothly over time. We have an extensive network of administrators who manage systems and monitor their accurate functionality. You get an emergency phone number and a person on duty that is always available and immediately responds to failures and reports.

We react faster than customers

The worst consequence of a failure is a dissatisfied customer. Thanks to dedicated monitoring tools, we can react to an issue before you, your employees or even the user notices it.  Active monitoring allows us to immediately catch an error and fix it before it affects the user. We are the first to know about the bug and our Developers are always ready to fix bugs.

They trusted us

Loyalty and trust. Long-standing relationships with our customers are based on these values. Together we work for their success.


From startup to the social benefit's market leader.

12 years

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Migration and maintenance of the reverse auction system.

8 years

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Why is it worth it?

The service and maintenance of the system will free you from technical problems and their consequences. You don’t have to think about solving a given problem quickly and efficiently because we will offer you the most optimal solution at hand.

For whom?

IT maintenance is primarily used by companies that struggle with outdated system code and operate on a large volume of data, where a single error or leak can scale to many users.


What does the maintenance process look like?


We analyze potential threats and, together with you, determine the scope of infrastructure care.


We create a dedicated maintenance team, and our systems monitor the infrastructure 24/7.


We undertake the actions necessary for the system's proper operation on an ongoing basis and report them at the end of each month.


Based on the reports, we propose improvements to increase the system's efficiency.

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