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What is most important to us?

Our goal is to make business visions come true with the help of properly selected IT tools. We know that business is primarily people, so we employ passionate programmers, and we’re focused on building long-term partnerships with our clients.”

Bartłomiej Malarski CEO, Avra Software

Where do we start?

01. Inquiry
02. Analysis
03. Workshop
04. Start!

Where do we start?

01. Inquiry

Each cooperation begins with a conversation with an analyst and technical leader. During a phone call or meeting, we learn about the problems you want to solve and the goals you want to achieve with the help of technology.

02. Analysis

We analyze the collected information: we verify technologies and create an initial list of features. Then, we list the essential elements of the system and estimate the time and financial frames of the project.

03. Workshop

We conduct business workshops; we deepen the knowledge about your company, industry, and end-user expectations. Finally, we create the first list of tasks and functionalities and establish an initial plan for delivering the product.

04. Start!

We start working on the product. We code in 2-week sprints, according to SCRUM methodology. Then, we correct the project course on an ongoing basis, at the level of business assumptions and the development process.

How do we work with clients?

Optimal solutions

We treat each project individually and tailor solutions to the specifics of the industry and the client's needs.

Project supervisor

For each project, we assign a supervisor who takes care of the efficient flow of information and watches over the progress of work on an ongoing basis.

Open communication

We value seamless communication, which is why all our developers take an active part in the project's life and are available directly to the client.

Agile methods

We adjust the way of conducting the project to each client. We pray agile methods, such as Scrum, but we always choose the methodology for individual needs.

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