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In 2012, PITax.pl was a startup project with a plan to make tax settlements as easy as possible. However, they needed a technology partner to make their idea come true. The schedule was tight, the competition was already well developed, and investors were waiting for the results as soon as possible. It sounded like a suicide mission, but right now PITax.pl is a leading tax settlement platform that can serve up to 10 million customers. How did we do this?


Building a user-friendly, accessible platform

We received the project in the initial production phase after a previous agency had misjudged the scope of work. We received the framework of the platform and had to build a picture-perfect product on its basis and integrate it with the systems of the Ministry of Finance. According to the client’s instructions, we’ve created an easy-to-use wizard that guides the user step-by-step through the most complex documents. We made sure that the application was 100% compliant with the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance, and then we integrated it with government platforms and other client systems. Initially, the platform only supported the most basic document. However, using the external, ready-to-go solution, we’ve integrated many more tax forms into the tool at a very low cost. In addition, this solution allowed non-technical people to create new document templates and thus the free development of the product with the client’s resources.


3 foundations for product scaling

In its original version, the system was designed in a simple, classic way that wasn’t in line with the company’s goal of making the #1 product on the market. We had to make several fundamental changes. 


The critical step was to solve the performance issues. PITax.pl had to be prepared for massive traffic during the tax period. To ensure system stability, we performed extensive optimization, which reduced the server load from 100% to just 12% during peak season.


Considering the sensitivity and amount of data in the platform, we took full responsibility and decided to store it in our databases. As cybersecurity specialists, we constantly monitor the latest trends and develop the platform in this regard. We have also created a backup system that guarantees a stable system recovery.


Another important step was to maintain the platform and adapt to current trends. We created the mobile version of the system and we’re deploying it to Google Play in a quick and inexpensive way using existing resources.


Becoming the most frequently chosen product available

From the very beginning, the mission of PITax.pl was to create a transparent and user-friendly product for tax settlement. Thanks to efficient communication and understanding of the idea, we dealt with the technological debt, and then, in line with the ideal vision of the product, we have built a platform that provides our client and users with:

  • convenience
  • reliability
  • performance
  • security at the level of internet banking.

Scope of work

  • Business analysis
  • Systems architecture
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Systems integration
  • Systems maintenance

Client opinion

“I highly recommend AVRA as a reliable business partner with a highly qualified team of programmers. Avra is a partner you can rely on even in the most time-demanding, organizationally and competently-challenging tasks.”

Adam Przybycin
CEO, PITax.pl


9 years

of cooperation

almost milion


200 000+

filled out documents each year

milion +

all tax orders sent

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