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When we met MyBenefit in 2010 (then “TravelPass”), the company was made up of a few people who had an idea to automate social fund management in companies. Today, the Wrocław-based company employs over 100 employees. It is the country’s largest benefit platform used by corporations and medium-sized and large companies from all over Poland, from industries ranging from IT through finance to production. How did it happen?


Building a system from scratch

At the beginning of its existence, MyBenefit was a service in a traditional, physical form. The company’s product was social vouchers, which employees exchanged for products in stationery stores. The company needed a solution that would automate the work of their customers and end-users and transfer physical vouchers to the online world. The new product’s goal was also to enable the company to develop its offer and facilitate new products to its portfolio: tourist, entertainment, and sports benefits.


First client and application development

Soon after launching the application, we implemented the first large client into it. It was a breakthrough step that allowed us to collide theory with market practice. We found out what users needed and started to optimize the application according to these needs. From that moment on, the company began to snowball, and we were developing and maintaining the system. In the meantime, the application we wrote was double-checked by independent, external specialists. Both audits were positive, and the second one ended with our client’s company being purchased by Benefit Systems – the largest player on the Polish market then and today.


Scope of work

  • Business analysis
  • Systems architecture
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Systems integration
  • Systems maintenance

From startup to market leader

Since 2010, MyBenefit has faced many business challenges: from digital transformation, acquiring and implementing the first customer, scaling the application, and selling the company. A two-person startup has turned into a 100-person company and an industry leader that sets trends and directions on the market. During this time, we have moved from a company that creates custom software to a business partner that supports the company strategically and helps in difficult moments. Thanks to the commitment of both parties, we managed to develop a close relationship that continues to this day. We continue to maintain and develop the system and work together on further success.


Client opinion

Avra participated in the development of the system at the stage of designing solutions. Today, more than 400 small, medium, and large companies use the MyBenefit platform, one of the most popular non-wage benefits on the market..

Agata Żmudzińska
Marketing Manager, MyBenefit


12 years

of cooperation







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