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The client

PITax.pl is one of the most popular online tax return platforms in Poland. Over 20 million PIT tax return forms have been filed in Poland so far through this platform. It lets the user fill in their annual income tax return forms in a very easy way and tells them which tax reliefs they can take advantage of. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, the process of filling in an annual tax return form on PITax.pl is simple and does not require any prior experience with or special knowledge of tax returns.


The challenge

Our team’s job was to create an application to make tax settlements easier, available in several versions: a download for computers, a convenient mobile version for mobile phones and tablets, and a version that could be used quickly and easily in any web browser. The priority was to create a cost-effective solution that would remain resilient to traffic through proper optimization. The reliability and availability of PITax.pl are particularly important in the period from March to April, a time of increased use of the service. The client’s requirement was also to implement a business rules engine that would allow easy incorporation of changes resulting from frequent tax law updates into the system.


The main objectives

  • Simplicity of use

maximum simplification of the complex tax settlement process.

  • Reliability and efficiency

as the majority of the platform’s revenue is generated during the period of increased traffic (March and April), it was crucial to make the application highly reliable, especially during increased use.

  • Security at the level of online banking

to guarantee full protection of sensitive information included in the completed documents.

  • Cost-effectiveness

the architecture created was to make the portal work efficiently with the current number of users without the need to use redundant infrastructure (e.g. maintaining additional servers). The capacity of the platform was to be increased gradually — only when it becomes necessary due to the interest in the service. As a result, it was possible to reduce PITax.pl’s operating costs to the bare minimum at each stage of development.


The solution

  • The solution is based on the Java programming language and its Spring and Hibernate frameworks

These are proven tools with significant technical support, enabling the development of stable and secure web applications (medium and large).

  • Avra’s original idea was to implement a business rules engine based on a meta-language automatically converted to Java.

This has made it possible for the PITax.pl team to make changes in the way the amount of tax is calculated without the help of developers. This, in turn, translates into much lower service operating costs and makes it easier to maintain it — it’s enough for an employee to go through a short training module to be able to modify the tax calculation logic.

  • Orbeon Forms

a solution designed to quickly and easily create forms on websites. It’s simple enough to enable even non-programmers to make modifications to the forms created. This solution is especially recommended for portals of large businesses and government organizations. Keeping in touch and working with the developers of the tool lets us shape the course of its development and take full advantage of its potential.

  • Google Trusted Web Activity

by making use of this framework, an application for Android smartphones and tablets was created in just 2 weeks on the basis of the mobile version of the website.

  • PostgreSQL

a proven and one of the most widely used tools in the area of relational database management. It has great technical support, it’s easy to maintain, and comes with a free license.

Scope of work

Business Analytics, Systems Architecture, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Systems Integration, Systems Maintenance


The results

  • 20 million PIT tax return forms processed
  • Security at the online banking level
  • Application versions: desktop, web, and mobile
  • 20.000+ downloads of the mobile app in the first 5 months
  • 4.96 — average rating of the app on Google Play, based on over 600 reviews
  • Android version of the app developed in just 2 weeks

Client testimonial

AVRA has been providing end-to-end IT support to PITax.pl łatwe podatki, online support in filling in tax returns, from the very beginning of the project. The jointly developed solution gives priority to user experience, data security, and requires advanced integration with external systems as well as between internal components implemented with the use of a number of sophisticated technologies.

I can definitely recommend AVRA as a reliable and trustworthy business partner with highly qualified programmers. A partner you can rely on even in the most time-, organization- and skill-intensive situations.

Adam Przybycin
CEO, PITax.pl

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