Refugee accommodation management system

Lower Silesian Governor’s Office accommodation management system for refugees from Ukraine

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case study

The client

Lower Silesian Governor’s Office – a government body managed by a local governor. In a region with a population of nearly 3 million, it is responsible for implementing government programs and overseeing institutions operating in its territory. It also provides legal supervision of the activities of municipalities and counties, and represents the Treasury in the region.

In early 2022, Wrocław, the capital of Lower Silesia, faced one of the largest waves of refugees from Ukraine. They needed basic assistance – including accommodation.


The challenge

The challenge Avra had to deal with was to establish a centralized system to manage refugee accommodation as soon as possible. The database for the system included several hundred different facilities located across the province – both state-of-the-art private facilities (hotels, boarding houses) and public facilities converted to provide accommodation (sports arenas, schools, office spaces).

It was necessary to offer automatic real-time data exchange to make it possible to quickly accommodate the arriving refugees and to eliminate the need to manually verify the currently available accommodation options.

To make it possible to settle accounts with accommodation providers in an easy and transparent manner, it was necessary to have a way to collect statistics and report to local government authorities.

The system in its final form had to be 100% safe – the stored personal data had to be secure. It also had to be suitable for managing the dynamically changing pool of accommodation options, the number of which reached tens of thousands at its peak.

At the same time, it had to be so simple and user-friendly to enable its operators to use it after a brief training session to be provided by Avra.


The solution

The top priorities for this project were to make the system reliable and to deploy it really quickly, that’s why the following industry-proven tools were used in the process:

  • Java – the main programming language used in the project
  • Spring Boot – to create the logic and the “skeleton” of the system
  • Angular – to build the frontend/user interface (UI)
  • PostgreSQL – one of the most common database engines
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services – to store data in the cloud for secure restoration in case of system failure

These technologies are some of the most popular and widely used tools in their class because:

  • They feature many components ready for implementation, which significantly reduces the time required for software development
  • They offer solid technical support, including regular updates
  • They make it possible to build an open architecture that lets the system be scaled up or down according to the rapidly changing user requirements and needs
  • They guarantee a high level of reliability
  • Systems Architecture
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Databases
  • AWS Cloud
  • DevOps

The results

  • A solution for effective management of a database of tens of thousands of beds in more than 800 facilities in real time
  • A system accessible to multiple users at the same time at different locations (including makeshift ones, such as reception points)
  • MVP (a basic, fully operational version of the system) created in just 3 days
  • 300+ working hours works in 3 days – the equivalent of 2 months of work for one software developer
  • A simple, user-friendly interface

Client opinion

“Faced with the request for a quick solution to manage refugee accommodation, Avra immediately set to the task and came up with a system that met our expectations in a flash. The company put forward a range of appropriate technological solutions, which it then flawlessly turned into a ready, reliable product. What we found particularly impressive is that Avra was prompt and effective in making changes and modifications in response to our needs and suggestions. If you’re looking for a partner for a mission impossible, Avra is the name to remember.”

Kamil Woźniak
Head of the Team for Strategic Projects, Lower Silesian Governor’s Office