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Leroy Merlin

  • We have created the Intranet based on Redmine  for about 500 users. It has been used in the Leroy Merlin's headquaters and by the service providers.
  • We have created the Integrator which is a middleware between the internal systems and the e-commerce of Leroy Merlin.
  • We have created

  • We have created a system that enables both individual users and companies to publish tasks in different categories. The system supports the advanced search and geolocalisation.
  • There are over 300.000 registered users and hundreds of gigabytes of photos.


  • We have created and implemented the Cafeteria System to manage all the benefits in the company. Being implemented in the institutions with outstanding standards in safety, the system has undergone a number of audits that have proved the highest data safety standard.
  • We have maintained and developed  the system since 2010.  

  • We have created the tax treatment portal from scratch. The scope of the project included analysis, design, tests and implementation.
  • We have integrated the system with the internal and external system.
  • The project was implemented under the programme 8.1.
  • We have supported it and maintained by now.

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We started cooperation with AVRA Sp.z.o.o. (former Makrologic) in 2012 within the project that our company was running in cooperation with Comarch S.A. The task that Makrologic undertook involved conducting development works of the Midas Browser Software, which was developed by our company. The project was conducted under time pressure and it was successful. The contracted tasks were done competently, within set deadlines and received by the Client without any objections. Since that time, we have been cooperating under the framework agreement in other projects. We are impressed by the efficient management which is reflected in both quality of the contracted works and meeting the deadlines fixed. Maintaining sustainable human resources, who know the developed software, is also significant for the results of the joint work.


Jakub Ławniczak, CEO

Midas Browser

Thanks to Avra, we have migrated system to the Leroy Merlin servers smoothly and efficiently. The Avra team have presented full professionalism and efficiency of actions. Despite some difficulties, they finished their task quickly and successfully.  Downtime of the system was counted in minutes and the users did not suffer any inconvenience. We have really appreciated the cooperation and we recommend the Avra team for their knowledge, persistence and the flexible and professional approach to work and a Client.

Piotr Lipski

For 7 years of cooperation both in the field of development and application maintenance, we have never been disappointed with the Avra services. We could always count on support and commitment even in the most difficult moments and with very dynamic changes in the project. That ensured timely implementations and, which is the most important, the highest quality.  

Arkadiusz Jesionek, IT Manager

Leroy Merlin

Avra has been my partner in project – an on-line tax treatment application. Together, we created this project and we have been developing it by now. Thanks to Avra, the statement 'It's impossible' doesn't exist. Despite a very thankless topic of the task, they created a very intuitive interface, which can be tackled by everyone. Besides, everything works thanks to the well conducted integration with the internal and external systems.  Due to hard work in the preparatory phase, my application users are satisfied with it. Me too.   

I recommend Avra as a technological partner. Not only do they know the technology but they also take active part in creating the usability, interacting with the user and they share their knowledge.

Adam Przybycin, CEO

We have cooperated with Avra within the body leasing since 2012. The support of the Avra team has helped us to carry out projects of varying degrees of complexity. What I have enjoyed the most in the cooperation with Avra is their openness to new ideas, flexibility and client-friendly and business approach to the problem. We have also appreciated the staff competences – they are really good and consistent with the expectations. 
I honestly recommend cooperation with Avra for their technological competences and business know-how.   


Szymon Kosydor, IT Director

Unity S.A


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